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Since 1905...

the year our facility began operations, our business philosophy has been to build high-quality springs at a competitive price, and extend a personalized service to each customer. Today, Barber Spring combines modern equipment and material handling facilities with an extensive inventory of steel for standard railroad and special industrial springs. Our staff of spring specialists is dedicated to giving you fast, efficient service.

Barber Spring Quality

At Barber Spring, we are dedicated to providing the best quality possible. Our staff monitors each step of the manufacturing process to ensure adherence to specifications. Following production, set is removed to verify that proper metallurgical characteristics have been maintained. The final spring specifications ensure long, dependable service.

Automated Cooling Equipment

Our automated manufacturing line heats, coils, tempers and tests springs to insure consistent high quality. The steel bars are fed through an automatically controlled furnace, brought to the proper temperature, then automatically coiled and mechanically transferred through a quench tank and tempered in our continuous two-zone recirculating furnaces.

Producing The Barber "Rite-Angle" Spring Tapering

Our exclusive tapering system insures a correct taper for precision end-seating. The process begins with automatic tapering equipment that produces a quality taper, an important factor in maintaining full precision and consistency during production.


Your springs can be shot-peened when specified. This process increases the fatigue life of a spring by impinging round steel shot at a very high velocity against its surface layer of steel. The spring's surface, having been prestressed under compression by the shot-peening process, is more resistant to failure.


When specified, the end surfaces of the spring are ground to conform to specified tolerances. Typically this square-end seating is accomplished on double-end grinding machines, which support the spring in a tubular sleeve and reciprocate the spring across the surface of the grinding wheel faces.




Painting and coating to your requirements may include using specified colors for coding purposes. The springs are completely submersed in paint shortly after shot peening to assure maximum adhesion and full coverage. Other types of coating are also available.



Testing For Final Compression Characteristics

After shot-peening, our automatic, multiple-head solid load tester individually processes each spring to establish its load carrying and final compression characteristics. Audit testing and constant monitoring of all processes meet the AAR M-1003 quality assurance program requirements.

Prompt Service

At Barber Spring we're committed to providing prompt service and rapid delivery on each customer's order, large or small. We minimized order processing and production time by maintaining an inventory of standard railroad springs and steel for industrial springs. Our staff of spring experts utilize modern manufacturing equipment to produce high-quality state-of-the-art custom spring coils, made to your specifications. We can also provide shot-peening, painting, special coating, and testing to certify loads and other procedures. Barber Springs services include assistance in the design or selection of the right spring for your applications. We also provide fast turnaround service for emergency orders; in some cases, overnight shipping may even be possible.

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