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Printer Problems?

There may be several reasons why someone may have problems printing the Barber Maintenance Manual from the SCTCO web site. Here are a few possibilities:

The MM consists of 132 pages of PDF files. Each page is a picture containing graphics. Although you see text, what you are actually seeing is a picture of the text. Although PDF files have an excellent compression system the files still add up to be quite large.

1. Printer Memory-When selecting to print the MM, the entire manual gets sent to the printer all at once. Some printers do not have enough memory to handle all 132 pages of the manual being sent to it. If this happens you may experience problems with the graphics, pages missing, or other errors. FIX: If you feel this is the happening try the following: Go back to the Manuals page of the web site. Instead of downloading the entire manual, download and print each section one at a time. This will greatly reduce the amount of information being sent to your printer.

2. Slow Internet Connection-If you have a dial up connection you already know that it takes a long time to download the entire manual. It is best to do this very early in the morning when traffic on the Internet is slow. You may also try downloading each section individually as described above in 1.

3. Remember, the MM is on the Internet and can be accessed anywhere in the world. If you have access to a different computer which has a faster connection or a higher quality printer you may want to give this option a try. Many library's, all universities, some airports, and various other public places now have a direct connection to the Internet. You can download the MM, save it to a disk, and then take it to another machine for printing.

4. If all of these options fail you may request a copy of the MM on CD-ROM. To do this simply call our main telephone number or visit the Contact Us page of this site.

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