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6343 Side Bearing
Installation and Maintenance Procedure SK-2724A
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SBX Side Bearing
Installation and Maintenance Procedure SK-3103
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Section Section File Name Section Description
Maintenance Manual fullmanual.pdf Download the entire maintenance manual here.

Section 1

General Information

section1.pdf Truck component diagram and nomenclature drawing, AAR Code Numbers, Marking Diagrams for Bolsters & Side Frames, Foundry Markings and Reference Publications.

Section 2

Friction Wedges

section2.pdf Replacement and Application Guides for Iron, LifeGuard, and TwinGuard Wedges.

Section 3


section3.pdf Drawings and configurations based on wheel bearing size and Barber AAR Spring Groups.

Section 4

Wear Plates

section4.pdf Column wear plate Part Reference and drawings. Column wear plate bolt & optional weld application.
Section 5 section5.pdf Bolster Pockets. Restoration guides. Bolster pocket wear plates.

Section 6


section6.pdf Various gages for bolsters, columns, gibs, friction wedges and pocket restoration.

Section 7

Frame Brace

section7.pdf Diagrams, references, inspection procedures and assembly procedures for Frame Brace applications.

Spanish Maintenance Manual

spanishMM.pdf Not as current/accurate as the English version. Refer to the latest English version for all critical information. Please inform all users.

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