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Standard Car Truck offers Maintenance Seminars to its customers through our TechCare Services. SCT leads the industry in providing consistent customer care. SCT Maintenance Seminars are one of the ways we support your product performance needs. Our seminars provide necessary training to your new employees and important update information to your experienced truck crews. Participants receive a Certificate verifying their training completion.
Our seminar agenda includes the following critical car truck issues:
  1. Inspection, gaging and repair of bolster pockets, gibs and side frames.
  2. Side Spring identification and inspection.
  3. Instruction on Rules 47 & 48 of the AAR Field Manual and portions of Rule 88 pertaining to Friction Casting rise.
  4. Instruction on AAR Code Sheets for Interchange and Indentification.
  5. Hands On training in the use of Gages.
  6. Hands On training in shop inspection of trucks, covering assembly and disassembly.
Seminars can be scheduled by contacting our Manager of Technical Services through our "Contact Us" page, by calling 800-292-6050 or through e-mail.


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